Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blonde Haired Beauties

Over the next few Thursdays I am going to put up the best hair products for certain hair colors because I got a special request on what the best products for blondes are!

If you need to brighten up your dull hair...

A moisturizing and brightening treatment for those with light hair is Marilyn by makeup company LUSH.  When your hair begins to look dull this is the best pick me up.  It makes your hair super soft, shiny, and blonder!  It's $18.55

If you need a quick root touch-up...

The Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up and and Highlighting Pen in Light Golden Blonde or Beige Blonde (for the palest hair colors) is the best to touch-up your roots in between appointments.  If you don't like, you can just shampoo it out.  Available at Sephora

Everyday shampoo & conditioner (or every other day...)
I always use John Frieda Sheer Blonde products.  The Highlight Activating Enhancing Conditioner is the best to brighten up your hair.  These products help maintain your hair color and shine.  However, I think it's best to use conditioning treatments in between, especially for blondes because hair can get so dull.

Deep conditioning treatment...
I think this product is good for all colored hair.  The Masque Chroma Riche by Kerastase leaves your hair feeling soo soft and makes it glisten.  I leave it in for 10-15 then rinse and blow dry when I really want my hair to look good.  It doesn't hurt that the bottles bright pink either!

For those of you who aren't blonde or the shade of blonde you want to be, don't go lighter than two shades unless you go to the hair salon, your hair could turn a very brassy color.  

How to find the perfect blonde color?  
First, know your skin tone.  If you are fair skinned, a cool and ashy blonde looks best because it counteracts with pink undertones in your skin.  Beware of going to platinum though, it can wash you out and make you look tired if it's too much white.  If you have a medium skin shade you can pick almost any blonde color except for platinum and anything to yellow.  Remember: the blonder you go, the more upkeep (although I did show some products on how to maintain your salon color).  If you have olive or darker skin tone you should go for some gold and avoid a too-yellow hair color.  If you have wavy or very textured hair don't go for an all over color.  Instead ask the stylist to mix highlights and lowlights to show your hairs depth.  If you have very thin or fine hair, go for all over color, while thick hair is better with just multi-dimensional highlight

Carrie Underwood has great hair in this picture.  Her all over highlights create dimension and gives the hair volume.  Her fair to medium skin tone looks great with some ashy and white blondes as well as some golds and darker hues.

You can tell Gwyneth Paltrow has fine hair, so this one all over color looks beautiful

Blake Lively's wavy hair looks great with all over highlights

Hope this was helpful blondies! This site is great to try different hairstyles on yourself!

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