Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sex and The City 2 Fashion Trends

Sex and the City 2 was filled with funky accessories and dresses.  The noticeable trends that popped out to me were: the maxi dress (definitely the most popular outfit in the movie), harem style jumpsuits, bright colors and sequins, delicate ruffles, high, high heels (of course) and lots of jewelry.

The maxi dress was worn by all four characters in Sex and the City, especially Carrie.  This style is easy and comfortable to wear.  Choose one in a bright color, geometric patterns or florals.  
Carrie wore tons of Halston dresses, like this orange ruffled maxi dress above.

Harem jumpsuits, Arabian style inspired, was another trend worn by Carrie and Samantha in the movie.  An ulterior to long dresses and other one-pieces, harem pants look good paired with high heels or gladiator sandals.  
Carrie in harem-style pants
Samantha in sequined harem-style pants

Bright colors, ruffle and sequins were other trends found in the sequel.  Look through the above pictures for inspiration and ideas.
Carrie in a ruffled, electric blue and sequined Halston dress paired with a bright pink bag and yellow and black pumps.

For jewelry, there was a lot of big, gold accessories.  
Samantha wearing Cleopatra earrings by Wendy Brands
Carrie traded in her signature name necklace for this diamond clover by Chahan Minassian

Check out jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher's website and Rodrigo Otazu's website for more Sex and the City jewelry they used

Shoes!  Lots and lots of shoes!
Christian Louboutins worn by Carrie
Vivienne Westwood poster shoes

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