Friday, August 27, 2010

Fashion Updates!!

Lindsay Lohan's purse line is due out this October.  The purses come under her 6126 (idol Marilyn Monroe's birthday) clothing line, which is also due for an exceptional (from what I've seen so far) comeback.  Her purses range from $265-$595, but she will also be releasing a lower-end line of bags from her 7286 (Lohan's birthday) line where prices will be a more affordable range from $60-$170.

6126 Handbags
The Gaynor- as in Mitzi Gaynor.  Check out the gold sequined lining!
Lindsay's favorite!  This bag was inspired by Goldie Hawn and 70's disco glamour

7286 Handbags

Some beautiful photographs of Erin Wasson done by Dusan Reljin for Numero magazine
Wasson reminds me of a gypsy girl here
Moulin Rouge-esque
So gorgeous
I am in love with this dress!  The top is just so beautiful!

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