Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chanel Spring 2011 RTW
Chanel always has something extravagant going on at their fashion shows, and for the Spring 2011 Ready-to wear collection, it was no different.  There were 87 looks, 80 models, an 80-piece orchestra playing symphonies for the models to strut to, a runway covered in white pebbles, fountains, marble and stone structures and landscapes, all taking place underneath the Grand Palais.  Karl Lagerfeld got inspiration from the 1961 film Last Year at Marienbad, a movie you should watch this small video of as it becomes insightful to the 'dreamlike' state Lagerfeld aimed for.  Click here.  Fact: Coco Chanel was the costume designer for that movie.  Lagerfeld also looked to controlled nature for inspiration which you could from a runway that was supposed to resemble the Tuileries but with no flowers and a monochrome aesthetic.  Lagerfeld's collection had something for everyone.  The show begin with classic Chanel tweed looks, moved on to casual looks like blazers, distressed denim, long and chunky necklaces, then to evening wear,  which started simple enough then turned fabulous and flowy and over the top with feathers and sequins galore.  Overall, the show was just enchanting.  
Grand Palais

Plus-size model Crystal Renn in this funky black dress and glitter low-heels

Girly blue tweed dress, I love this!

Soft yellow top and skirt with black accessories

An absolutely adorable photo

Funky embellished jeans with a casual tweed jacket

A little bit of a kooky look, but fun with all the florals, tight spandex, embellished leather jacket and platform sandals.
Sheer, light-weight top with a light gray skirt and sandals completed with a black clutch and big chain necklace
Darling evening dress
Feathers= fabulousity!

An embroidered gorgeous and fun dress

Chanel Bags
New take on the classic quilted Chanel back was a paper bag roll on the top instead of a chain, super cool!

Bejeweled mini Chanel bag...dying
Tweed bag
An eclectic floral bag

Spring floral Chanel staple bag

Very cool designs on top, looks like lace
The straps are really unique
Tweed boot!

Pink chunky wooden sandals!

Chunky jewelry galore

Mens cocktail ring...absolutely love love this whole idea

Embellished necklace

Mini double C rings

Red cuff and cool tweed biker gloves

Chunky necklace

Funky lucite bangles with mini glittery bangles inside!


Just some very sparkly detailing!

Amazing show!

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