Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fashion News and Updates!

Kate Moss and Topshop are parting ways!  In October Moss' last final full collection will be shown.  However, Topshop plans to relaunch some of Moss' infamous Topshop pieces from her first collection and then follow that with a few capsule collection of 12-15 pieces maximum about two or three times a year.  Moss has designed for the company for four years now and released 14 fall through summer collections.  Moss does not have as much time as she would like and need to dedicate to the company to create full collections.  

Corinne Day, renowned fashion photographer died this past Friday.  Day was a self-taught photographer and worked for British, Italian, and Japanese Vogue and had her work showcased in galleries around the world, including The National Portrait Gallery, Whitney Museum in New York, the V&A, The Tate Modern, and at an Andy Warhol exhibition.
Guess who?  The shot that made Day famous was this 1990 portrait for The Face of none other than 16 year-old Kate Moss, who eventually became her muse and who Moss credits for beginning her career. 
 This photo was one of the kick-off's for the 90's grunge movement which was not well accepted at first, especially when Moss, a very tiny girl who was not as tall as most models appeared on the cover with very minimal makeup and hair pulled straight back.  Day was given slack for promoting 'heroin chic' and 'anorexia'.
Some More of Her Famous Work
November 2006 Vogue UK, Second Nature, with model Freja Beha
Interesting fact about this photo shoot: It was shot in a place called Tinker's Bubble, an alternative lifestyle community living together in an English forest. 
Japanese Vogue, August 2006
Vogue UK, July 2006, The Girl From Oz (Just because Jemma Ward is my favorite!)
Vogue Italia, March 2003, Just Fanciful
Dutch Magazine, 2003, model Kate Moss

The shots that made Day have to part ways with Vogue

Iconic and controversial, this shot further "confirmed" that Day was supportive of anorexia and was controversial because she should have not chosen Moss as the ideal candidate for this series of scantily clad photos

After the incident, Day went on to document the lives of friends, family, drug addicts, and herself and has a series of photographs and footage of those times.  She began to find the world of fashion to glamorous for her to enjoy and began to take pictures of the things that she found most interesting.

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