Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hair Trend Prediction: Ombre

After seeing a few fashionistas with this new look, I'm thinking that I spy an upcoming trend!  Letting your roots grow out can seem like the most awful thing in the world, I know I hate it!  However, letting your roots grow out or even just coloring the top of your hair can actually be a stylist look.  Check out a few of these pictures below and let me know what you think!

Drew Barrymore rocking the ombre hair.  Her hair stylist is Giannandrea (one name)
Stylist Katie Shillingford at Paris Fashion Week in 2009 with pale to navy to black hair.  I looooove this!
Rachel Bilson out this past week with her hair going from dark to light ends.
Kristin Cavallari with dark roots under her super blonde hair
Model Camila Alves
Fashionista Whitney Port goes dark to light
Actress Kristin Bell with light to dark ends
Singer Ashlee Simpson-Wentz with very long dark hair and light ends
Trendsetter, Lauren Conrad

I'm beginning to try it, doesn't look good enough to show yet though.  If you're daring enough you should try it too!

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