Friday, December 31, 2010

Style Icon 2010: Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira (Girl to Look Out For This Year)
This 17 year-ol singer/songwriter is being catapulted into the fashion world after releasing 2 singles this year and showing off her eclectic style that is a mix of old and new.  
Wearing Anna Sui
In an Issa dress and bright yellow minx hat at a Chris Benz event this September
In an American Apparel hoodie, Vans, and a vintage t-shirt at a Ray-Ban event
Semi-similiar outfit but at a different event and changed it up with a vintage track jacket, loafers and ankle socks
In vintage fur
In a spider web-print mini at the Walter Baker fashion show this fall (combat boots now shown)
Chanel clogs, Bandana socks, and an old 2Pac t-shirt (photo shoot in her own clothes)
American Apparel dress and Chanel clogs
Flannel shirt from Weekday in Stockholm and Topshop jumpsuit
Vintage dress and Seychelles boots
Vintage Spanish Moss dress

Unknown designer outfits (let me know if you know who she's wearing!)

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