Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Style Icon: Kate Middleton

I've decided that once a week I will do an update on either a designer, stylist, fashionista, etc so you can see what they've been wearing recently, what their style is, what types of things they like, etc.  So of course I'm sure you have seen countless stories on Kate Middleton style...but I just feel as if I need to fill you in as well!!
Kate Middleton Style
First Middleton's engagement announcement gorgeous navy Issa dress (which had been sold out everywhere).  The dress has even already been copied all the way down to a $25 version 
THE dress
Kate with Prince William at a wedding this summer wearing a fitted black blazer, bright blue dress, black pumps, and a matching hat with feathers
Kate arriving at her home in West London  (January '09) in a black turtleneck, black blazer, red plaid skirt, olive green suede boots and a brown bag
Kate in a bright red winter coat, extravagant black hat, black gloves, and fur cuff (January '06)
Kate with Prince Charles after he recieved his RAF wings from his father wearing a white double0breasted coat, black tights and olive green boots (April 2008)
Kate boarding an airplane in white jeans, espadrilles and a khaki blazer
Kate in a white cardigan, patterned silk dress, black point pumps, a black clutch and black hat with feathers
Kate wore a Ralph Lauren wool blazer with a patterned scarf and brown beret (in '09)
Kate out for the night in this black sequin dress and knee-high black boots

Kate vs. Princess Diana
 Princess Diana in this blue silky cocktail dress and blue clutch
Kate in a similar colored blue shimmery BCBG dress 
Kate replicating the late Prince Diana's pretty pink gown

Both wear red and white for ski trips
Both in berets

Could Princess Diana be Kate's style icon?
And generally what do you think of Kate's style?  I think with the recent news her style will begin to evolve more...and in a better way, I'm not sure if she has caught my attention quite yet


  1. She does have very classic, English style, which I like! And her hair, omg she has a good set of hair haha

  2. I am really in love with her seemingly effortless put together style. I know she has to achieve a certain "look" due to her status, but I love it anyway. Her style is very much comparable to Lady Di and I am sure the media will do everything in its power to emphasize certain looks and see how Kate sizes up to her late mother-in-law.


    Ps. I came to your blog via a Google Image search for Kate Middleton style; I'm writing a blog post about her!


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