Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Armani Privé Spring 2011 Couture

Space-age meets Gaga meets Couture was what walked off the runway at the Armani Privé Spring 2011 Couture show.  Designer, Giorgio Armani said he was inspired by the 'gleam of gemstones'.  His inspiration gleamed through as models walked out in shimmering outfits that slinked in just the right way.  Completing the high-drama outfits were metallic saucer hats made by Philip Treacy just for the show.
A dress and leggings resembling the look of liquid mercury (metal was threaded through silks and organzas to create a shimmer effect)
Red metallic leggings went under a skirt with a structural hipline
The violet saucer hat stood out against this ivory ensemble
An eggplant/navy colored dress that has a carved out curve around the waistline accentuating the model's silhouette with a scarlet silk waistband underneath before the rest of the dress falls freely
A dress fit for a Tron movie with its metallic sheen, fitted tightly on top with a side-waist cutout and then falls loosely at the bottom
This evening dress had what looked like a breastplate of colored gemstones on a nude/ivory silk fabric above a silk turquoise waistband that contrasted with the black lower half of the dress
A one-shouldered violet dress that hits at the ankles and has a cutout at the side revealing a bodice of violet sequins (notice the scarlet silk inside the dress)

Backstage at Armani Privé
 A model has purple lip liner applied
More backstage makeup
 Models pose before hitting the runway
Sequined fishnet masks


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