Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fashion Photography inspired by Lady Gaga

Photos of Dree Hemingway by Richard Burbridge from the November issue of Vogue Italia Glitter.  The magazine says they are showing off the newest and most outrageous accessories for fall, but for some reason this all just screams Lady Gaga to me!  Do I dare make the comparisons?
Lace mask

Lace mask high...hairpiece?

Spiked out (p.s. this is Gaga's REAL hair!)

Lacey and rounded out on both

Tell me these two are not dead ringers for each other!

Can we also take note that Lady Gaga's style are just incredibly more outrageous than the "outrageous" new accessories, love her!


  1. The cover is truly gorgeous. Feels like it has a Venetian-baroque feel instead of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is never a fashion icon for me. Sorry....


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