Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty Updates

Estee Lauder Company Inc. has acquired Smashbox Beauty Cosmetics Inc. as a way to give their makeup brands (including MAC, Clinique, and Aveda) a more youthful appearance.  "We are excited to be acquiring a uniquely positioned cosmetics brand with true talent well known for engaging consumers," John Demsey, a group president at Estee Lauder, said in a statement. "Smashbox fits perfectly within our DNA."  Chief Executive Dean of Smashbox Cosmetics says, "The Estee Lauder Cos. is the ideal home for Smashbox.  The company possesses the scale and vision to help transition Smashbox into its next phase of growth."


Actress, Kate Hudson has signed with Revlon Inc. to be the global ambassador of makeup brand Almay.    Hudson said, ""Almay is known for its fresh, effortless approach to beauty. I share that philosophy and I'm honoured to be partnering with a brand that believes cosmetics should bring out the natural beauty inside every woman."
Taylor Swift has teamed up with CoverGirl Cosmetics to be their newest celebrity endorser.  The ads will come out in 2011.  

Coming this fall, MAC makeup will be releasing a collection called Venomous Villains.  Products will include lipstick, lipgloss, powder and blush.  MAC has not released who the villainous inspirations are yet, they have only put out this mini video .

Barbie Makeup Tutorial I thought this was super cute!
My picks for best Barbie makeup choices:
Concealer (under eye and blemishes): Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer 
Eyeshadow: Make Up For Ever eyeshadows (Browns, blues, white, pinks, 
Lipstick: MAC Lipstick 
Lipgloss: MAC Lip Glass 

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