Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Poetry

A beautiful poem written by my sister Madison

She Has Asperger’s
They hadn’t always known
it was a late diagnoses
we always knew something was different
but what?
She struggles to make friends
but she is so loving
same routine every day
no change allowed
same outfit everyday
careful what we say in front of her
careful not to upset her
she is the boss of us all
must use the shower first
no loud music
but blasts hers
can’t chew loud
does not allow mom to wear heels
the noise hurts her
dad picks up her countless phone calls
she needs reassuring
we all obey
it’s the only way to handle it
she doesn’t understand
and neither do we
they always said a kid with Asperger's affects the whole family
they weren’t lying
I struggle to obey her
I struggle to understand
I struggle to smile at her
I struggle to love her
but I do
my sisters struggles with herself.
the world believes
Asperger’s people don’t make sense
but to them who have it
the world doesn’t make sense.
-Madison White

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