Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fall Couture 2010

Three couture shows were presented today in Paris for Fall Couture 2010.  Houses that showed were Christian Dior, Alexis Mabille, and Bouchra Jarrar

At the Christian Dior show, flowers galore surrounded everything.  John Galliano studied real flowers and looked to floral photographers Irving Penn and Nick Knight for inspiration.  From that he found vibrant colors, silhouettes reminiscent of tulips, daffodils, and pansies, and used delicate techniques such as feathering, ruching, and ruffling.  There was a lot of taffeta, organza, and mohair in all of these designs.  This one was a show most certainly for the books...I can't even begin to start talking about the hair and makeup! 
The hair imitates the outfit.  Notice the mixture of colors and mohair fabric.
Floral pattern on top while the organza flows out like flower petals
This is like a watercolor painting to me
Flowers all over, so many beautiful colors
This reminds me of something the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland would wear and I absolutely love how sinister yet delicate it all is!

Alexis Mabille (his show is tomorrow, but these are the pictures taken for showcasing) said he came up with this collection when he first imagined a girl waking up from a languorous night of dreams all tangled up in her bedclothes.  His clothes are meant to resemble something loose and casual, with the attitude of pulling a t-shirt over your head, although all the fabrics used were high end; weightless organdy, guipure, and elaborate broderie anglaise.  Mabille, however made a wide ranged collection and merged the use of practical use separates with his usage of haute couture craftsmanship, as he is trying to find a wider customer base, not just for ready-to-made garments.
Amazing couture coat with taffeta and lace designed dress beneath
Nice a-line skirt with lace top
Feathered and multicolored sleeve blouse with plain black pants
My favorite from this collection: notice how the blazer opens and reveals leather panels, the hem of the skirt has a slight ruffle, but the whole outfit seems to show off a girl with lots of attitude but lots of class...a good mixture
Cannot forget Mabille's signature bows which he has strayed away from this season , for the most part, but not with this pink elegant jacket

Bouchra Jarrar showcased her haute couture collection for the second time for couture season.  The collection was based on a full wardrobe of classic essentials that were minimalistic.  Jarrar said that her influences for the line reflected "her age and her maturity".  Jarrar is 40 years old and was formerly the studio director at Balenciaga for 10 years and then at Christian Lacroix for one before creating her own collection.
A classic navy pantsuit with white accents
Simple v-neck dress
Coat and skirt suit with a deep v-neck and above knee hemline
A more fun dress to wear out
And of course, an evening gown

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