Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Couture Fall 2010

The theatrics of Chanel!  The show was held in the Grand Palais and models for the show emerged from a giant pearl that was under the paw of a golden lion on the runway (signifigance = Coco Chanel was a Leo).  The clothes were bold, colors of maroon, navy, purple, camel, and chocolate dominated.  There was intricate embroidery and beading, fur lining, crystal trims, lots of sequins and gold brocade.  Designer Karl Lagerfeld said, "The clothes make you look thin. Plus they don't pinch so they're comfortable."
The beading, the layers, the shimmer, the colors!  Everything about the piece was amazing!
Beautiful shape and deep red color with scrunched up boots
This is my favorite, it seems so crazy and fun and definitely stands out!

This year Riccardo Tisci, designer for Givenchy, chose to not do a runway show but instead a small showing of his collection.  The reason?  Tisci's pieces were filled with elaborate ornamentation that needed to be looked at so closely to fully reveal it's beauty.  The colors were white, nude, and gold.  Tisci said his inspiration came from artist Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions of religion, sensuality, and the human anatomy.  
The beauty of every piece is so unreal and can't even be described.

Designer Giorgio Armani, designer for Armani Prive, showed elegant, businesslike, Old Hollywood glamorous clothes made with all shades of amber and tailored to perfection.  As Armani said, "Elegance, with an amber tinted vision".  There was a mix of suits, blazers, skirts, trousers, and evening gowns all with a draped flow.  
A classic draped coat
Draped jacket over over straight metallic pant
Gold suit with flowy skirt
A beautiful and classic evening gown
Sequined evening gown

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