Monday, July 12, 2010

More Haute Couture

Elie Saab, a fan of La Fenice (which means the Phoenix), a legendary opera house in Venice was inspired by the name and the story of the phoenix burning to the ground and rising from the flames three times.  What came out of that inspiration were fiery red gowns, ruched velvet like the curtains at La Fenice, red silk tulle and chiffon, gold and intricate crystal beading, red ostrich feathers; everything was opulent.  Saab said, "If a woman doesn't want 'rich', she doesn't come to couture".
Flame printed chiffon gown
Gold and intricately beaded
Gorgeously ruffled
Red velvet and beading

Jean Paul Gaultier is known for his daring and dramatic taste in fashion.  But this show surely made top 10 most dramatic with a striptease from Dita Von Teese at the end of the show!  His show was an obvious tribute to glamour, especially so from the 1920's, while his models held cigarettes in cigarette holders, wore turbans (my favorite!), red lips, mink furs, lots of black and leather, and an almost dominatrix feel to the whole thing.  
All bundled up with straight black pants, fishnets, patent leather pumps, a very large cocktail ring, cigarette holder and big turban
Glamorous in a trench coat with matching red tights, heels, turban, and of course, lips
This is my favorite with beading on the sheer material and a tight ruched skirt
Feathers, jewels, and all around glamour galore with the brown elbow length leather gloves, flashy jacket with a high collar, fishnets, ankle strap heels and a shaped turban
The tallest turban yet paired with a more understated outfit than the rest with a bit of bright white fur
Dita Von Teese throwing her dress wayside!

The runway for designers, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Picciolo Valentino's show was nestled away amongst the trees of the Grand Palais where the models strutted out of a transparent blown-up plastic frog with fangs.  The apparent theme was the vast blue ocean showcased with blowup fish handbags, scaly dresses, delicate skin and sometimes bare feet, and vibrant colors.  However, it seemed that the Valentino house was targeting a much younger age group than ever before with mini very mini hemlines and especially with young celebrities like Jessica Alba, Claire Danes, Olivia Palermo, and Natalia Vodianova in the front row.
Lots of detailing in this bright white skirt and jacket.
Very childlike slash schoolgirl but pulled together in a way I would wear it.  With the sheer overlay lace near stomach and a mini ruffled bubbled skirt the outfit is quite darling.
A mermaid's dream gown with netting on the bustier and shells and beads atop the sheer fabric. The mint green is beautiful and all flows evenly down until the ruffled train.
Not just a mermaid, but a mermaid princess' dream with slashes of silver resembling seaweed all over the sheer pink fabric.  The pink bow gloves perfect the look.
A classic red Valentino dress with a mermaid train.  Plain and absolutely classic.

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