Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Behind the Kate Moss Photoshop controversy

Ah, more Photoshop model controversy has come to light.  After pictures of 36 year old supermodel Kate Moss were released this past month for the Valisere Lingerie 2010 campaign (photography done by Gui Paganini), questions spun around the internet about Moss' enhanced and obviously photoshopped look.  A few weeks later an issue of self service magazine came out with a series of photos shot by Juergen Teller featuring a raw and untouched Kate Moss in her own home, just Moss being Moss.  Take a look and tell me what pictures you prefer, the photoshopped version or the natural ones?
(Note: there is some nudity in these photographs)

Kate Moss: Behind the Glamour
Just rockin' out in the basement
Prancing around her house in underwear and fur, cigarette in hand
I've always said 'I love Kate Moss', but this picture just brings that saying to a whole different level.  She looks CRAZY in this picture, but in a totally awesome, hipster, giggling girl way.  
Her hair has clearly not been brushed, she's wearing a fringed robe with nothing underneath and some eccentric shark tooth necklace, but she still looks awesome
Brushing her hair in front of the mirror
Laughing hysterically
Classic Kate staring into the camera, not caring that what she's wearing is revealing and holding a cup of beer?
One of my favorites...straight vibin'
Just a walk through her garden, woods,vineyard ?? I'm not sure where she is but Kate knows she needs her grandiose fur coat with her

Kate Moss: All Glammed Up in Lingerie 
Valisere Lingerie 2010 Campaign
The Kate we love to see in magazines, all done up and  stunning beyond belief
Sultry.  (Compare 2 Moss stomachs, this one flawless down to its skin coloring and toning,  the untouched Moss still has a flat stomach but is just not photoshopped in a way that creates this pin-up glamour lingerie model look

Modeling can definitely bring you an alter ego! What lifestyles would you choose?  
Makeup perfection

Personally, I liked seeing Kate raw and just living her hipster,  but fabulous lifestyle.  It wasn't just the Au natural Kate Moss (although I did like that), I enjoyed the whole vibe of the raw photo shoot.  It was like a glimpse into her life and it seemed pretty funky fun
I can't deny that I enjoy looking at Kate (and other models) photoshopped or just all dolled up because they are here for their looks afterall

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  1. I love kates natural look, the other pictures are beautiful too but its obvious that its photoshopped buts thats oke, everybody knows it and for a campaign its just looks better!


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