Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Victoria Beckham Vogue Cover

Victoria Beckham is gracing Vogue's UK cover for the February 2011 edition (already available)
She looks so beautiful on this cover and in the article, makes claims she is putting a lot of her old lavish habits on the back burner as she creatively devotes more work to her clothing line.
Beckham also discusses that she does not have hopes anymore of having a baby girl.  Although recent confirmed news say she is expecting (maybe it will be a girl this time V!)


  1. How gorgeous! I love how she's hardly wearing any make up...she really is a beauty. Thanks for sharing x x x


  2. Wow, I've never been amazed by Victoria's cover like this one. She looks naturally beautiful, compared to other fully make-up shoots. Sheer gorgeousness! Thanks for posting, now I can go to the news stand and get this :)


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