Monday, May 7, 2012

Johanna Johnson Spring/Summer 2012

Thanks to I was able to get so many pictures to share from the Johanna Johnson Spring/Summer 2012 runway show from Australian fashion week.  The collection steered from black lace and leather to luxurious gold designs and then to intricate white beaded looks, all complete with head jewelry, one of fashion's newest trends.  Johnson said that there are not as many bridal looks but more red carpet glamorous designs which she has been in high demand for (note: my last post, Kim Kardashian wore a Johanna Johnson dress to the White House dinner).  Johnson's inspiration was, "...very Egyptian....palace shapes and colourways.  There'll be lots of coals, dark blacks, onyx and lots of lashings of gold."
Check back on Makeup Monday for how the glamorous looks were achieved.

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