Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen

A fabulous designer, Alexander McQueen, has left us this week. A designer I think went beyond genius creativity and had an eye for design. It is sad to find out that he took his own life, although the reason is unknown. His mother died last week which could be related and most likely is. Lee, as his friends called him, won the British Fashion Awards' British Designer of the Year 4 times, the Men's Wear Designer award in 2004, and the CFDA Award for Best International Designer. He was a designer who knew he was good and that he had talent, making him an intimidating man to many. His talent however is indefinite and really changed the creativity and theatricality of the fashion world.

"McQueen’s vision was certainly dark—the photographs of Joel-Peter Witkin, the legend of Jack the Ripper, the horrors of the Salem witch hunts and of antebellum insane asylums were the things that inspired him. He responded to extremes, to sadomasochistic paraphernalia, to the shackling clothes of the Victorians..."
Vogue, 2010

Alexander McQueen Video

For some reason, my Valentine's Edition of the Frugal Friday 4 under $50 will not post. I will keep attempting to post it...sorry!

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