Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Up and Coming Designer: Katie Gallagher

A woman who frequently dresses Lady Gaga, Katie Gallagher is making a splash on the fashion scene as everyone awaits her pre-fall 2010 collection. Her first full ready-to-wear collection came out this past fall and since then she has come out with one spring line. Gallagher attended Rhode Island School of design and majored in fashion, but only because she was so intrigued by the human body and how it was shaped that she thought fashion design was the how she would perfect her drawing skills. She later worked at threeASFOUR where she focused on pattern-making and construction and then Anna Sui where she noticed how Sui's designs reflected who she was and Gallagher admired and was inspired by that. Gallagher is a designer that finds inspiration through art and the human body. Before she begins a collection she paints a picture that will feature her future color scheme (hint: Fall 2010 will showcase off-whites, grays, and forest greens). After that she sketches inspiring fashion figures which have a Tim Burton creepy-like feel to them, then the hard work begins.
Gallagher's view on fashion is, "I don't believe that fashion is the end goal; stories, personalities, moods, ideals and attitudes are."
Some of her looks have been visible ribcages in bone colors, nude bodysuits, head-to-toe black, and all things that form to the body with a zombie-like look to them all. Here are some of her designs:

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