Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alice Inspired Jewelry

Designer, Tom Binn's was inspired by Tim Burton's remake of Alice In Wonderland so much that he designed a collection over it. He said that there were so many iconic images in the story (Here are a few examples of the creative mind that Binns has.

Keyhole studs

My favorite, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum bracelet!

Wonderland charm bracelet

Hearts necklace

I think with the upcoming movie release, more Alice inspired goodies will be coming out, can't wait!

President and creative vision of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon, has released a line of high-top and low-top sneakers for the company. Mellon said she was, “influenced by today’s music, youth, and pop culture" for the kicks. The sneakers are made of suede, patent leather, and elaphe snake skin. Designs by Lanvin, See by ChloĆ©, Louboutin, and Burberry have all been clearly impacted by hip-hop culture and have made sneakers a staple.

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