Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Resort 2011

I picked out some of my favorite looks from the minimal 2011 Resort collections.  The only released resort collections have come from Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta, Burberry Prorsum, Chanel and Christian Dior.  So wonderful that they are all design houses I love!

Alexander Wang was going for a "non-urban, but not suburban" look, getting his ideas from farms, handmade items, and the organic.  There were chunky sweaters that looked as if they had been handmade and all the colors seem to have been inspired by vegetable colors, but Wang's typical aesthetic was still there with leather shorts, patent leather pea jackets, and bathrobe trenches.  
Head to toe red is a big trend popping up!
I love the mesh, a favorite of Wangs, and how the the whole dress seems a contradiction of conservative and non-conservative.  There's a mesh dress (non) but it's knee length (conservative), you can see the underwear (non) but the underwear is very plain and boyish (conservative).  I do enjoy contradictions when it comes to clothing!

Bottega Veneta's show was one that showed relaxed clothing such as slouchy pants, throw on dresses, and comfy evening wear.  Part of the time I was looking at the collection I felt as if I had seen this all before, almost as if specific trends had been picked and spread out.  There was minimalism, there were sporty stretch tops, black and white mixed, and only two random watercolor dresses thrown in.  I love Bottega Veneta but it seemed Tomas Maier was going through some confusion and not to say that others may love his collection.  I did pick two piece that I did love.
Sporty top and slouchy vinyl (?) bottoms, I thought this was funky
Dramatic evening wear, this I realllly loved.  It seems slouchy yet structured at the angular points and looks like a comfy choice

3 more updates Friday!

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