Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beauty Updates!

I've scoped out a few new and fabulous beauty products that I just have to fill you all in on and some popular styles happening in the beauty world!

Oscar Blandi has recently released a "highlighting" pen. If you need a quick root cover-up and don't have time to get to the hair salon, you can pick up one o these pens which are available in 6 colors ranging from blonde to jet black. For $30, it's not a cheap buy, but a good one if you're in dire need. However, color washes out the next time you shampoo, so you still need to go to the salon, maybe just not as much! The product is free of ammonia and peroxide, has conditioning enhancements for your hair, is fast drying, and waterproof. As a loather of sitting in the salon chair for any extended period of time, this highlighter pen sounds like the perfect buy to me! Available at Sephora

The most requested hairstyle for the runways this spring has been the side braid, seen first at the Alexander Wang show. The braid is stylish, ruffled and sexy, but sporty too. Getting hairstyle influence from the runway can be hard (Louis Vuitton colored afros this season anyone??), but this style is quite simple. Spread some mousse through wet hair, blow-dry while tossing hair around in your hand (don't brush, you don't want it to straighten), braid hair starting at the nape of your neck (if you have any short pieces, let them fall around your face) and then pull the braid over to whichever side you want.

Alexander Wang Spring 2010

After Michael Kors 'Very Hollywood' ads were splashed across the pages of every magazine this year (they were so fab!), just a fragrance was not enough. Estee Lauder and Michael Kors have teamed and created a Very Hollywood makeup collection with lipstick, lip sheen, blush, eyeliner, and nail lacquer just so you can get that "very Hollywood" look.

Are you a Bel-Air Girl?

Or do you prefer Rodeo Drive?

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