Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome Fashionistas!!

Welcome to Brenna's Beat! As an avid lover of ALL things fashion, I have decided to create a blog that will keep you updated on the exciting life of designers, what the latest trends are, my predictions for fashion trends of the future, my likes and dislikes, and MORE. Since today is Friday (i.e.- the day of beauty), I will post the latest on the best beauty products, beauty trends, how to make use of the newest trends, and basically anything entailed in the world of glamour!

Since I am currently vacationing in Palm Beach I find it only necessary to discuss MAC make-up's newest collection, MAC In Lillyland! So get excited all Lily Pulitzer fans, pink and green lovers, and preppy girls for the exciting first look at these new cosmetics. Think of all the fun you can have with bright pink blushes, prismatic eyeshadows, and glosses that will make your lips POP! Even more exciting is the pretty florals decorated on top of every make-up pot you purchase!! Fabulous, classic, and funky...this line should be your next cosmetic purchase!

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