Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fashion Do's and Dont's: Pattern Play

This has to be one of my favorite trends EVER! I love mixing patterns and colors, it's such a unique way to showoff all the things you like in one outfit!! Mix up lace, prints, colors, sparkles, everything! How to pull this off right? First, pick a color palette. If you have one base, say pink, you can implement colors within that colors range, like purples and reds. If you want though, add a few smaller pops of color into the outfit, it makes it a little more funky. Second, mix your patterns. When mixing it up keep the patterns different sizes, think large florals, medium sized stripes, and smaller geometric graphics. If you have big everything it will throw your mind a thousand different ways! This season, tribal patterns are big too so if you need to add some key patterned pieces into your closet, that's one thing to buy. Here are some designs that use pattern play, but also have different touches that I think could come in handy when trying to find "your" look.

Alexander McQueen, Spring 2010. Extreme mixing! Bright colors, fun designs displayed in different patches but still looking so connected! This one is for the daring!

Carolina Herrera, Spring 2010. Mixing it up, but it still looks elegant.

Etro, Spring 2010. Very pretty, flowy, but still fun.

Marni, Spring 2010. For the girl who likes to keep it simple and enjoys earth tones.

Prada, Spring 2010. If you like your base color to be black, this is a good look.

Here are two tribal inspired pieces.

Nathan Jenden, Spring 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Spring 2010.

Remember: have fun!!

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