Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beauty Updates!

Beauty News:
American Apparel has recalled all of their nail polish sales because of safety reasons.

Julia Roberts has reportedly signed a $12.5 million contract with LancĂ´me to be the new face of their ads. She is also joining Kate Winslet as a global ambassador of the company. At 42 and with 3 kids, Roberts is still stunning.

Check out the make-up from the most recent Christian Dior runway show, where 19th century thoroughbred designs and big hair were seen

Bumble & Bumble is coming out with a new hair product collection called Wear and Care that is devoted to repairing, protecting, and strengthening damaged tresses. There are two options, either Mending or Quenching and each set comes with shampoo, a light-weight conditioner, an intensive hair masque and a potent leave-in complex that targets chemical damage from coloring and manual damage from using heated-tools. This line won't be available until March, but sounds fantastic!

At the Paris and Brazil couture runway shows, these hairstyle were spotted on more than just one runway...what do you think of this funky look?

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