Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beauty Updates!

Good News: Avon has donated 1 million dollars to the relief efforts happening in Haiti. It will be split half and half between Doctors Without Borders and the American Red Cross. After Haiti's second earthquake I am so happy to be hearing of all that people are doing to help!

Urban Decay is releasing a limited edition box of shadows inspired by Tim Burton's remake of Disney's classic Alice in Wonderland. There are 16 different eyeshadows (all named and inspired by the movie!) along with a mini Primer Potion and 2 eyeliners! I almost just want to buy it because of the awesome pop-up display when you open the box!

“Burton is dark and edgy, yet everything he does is really beautiful at the same time. I felt it was a perfect match for Urban Decay to do a palette based on his vision.”
- Wende Zomnir (Urban Decay's creative director and co-founder)

Chanel's newest it-color for nail polish, 'Particullare' looks like plain old light-brown to me, but hey I'm willing to try it! I might have to throw some glitter on top...

Here are some sneakers I made for my sister!

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