Friday, February 12, 2010

The Frugal Friday Four under $50 Valentine's Edition

alentine's Day is coming and there are a few things I scoped out that you can wear on Valentine's and things to get from your sweetheart and some things to give. So first...

Need a sexy Valentine's date night dress?

Try this flirty dress from Forever21 for $25, love the big bow on the front!

I really like this red dress...totally goes with the new tattoo trend!

Ruffles are the thing to wear right now, this dress from Nordstrom is so pink and frilly for $40!

This pink one is only $17!

What about for under the dress?

This underwear with the big heart on the back from Victoria's Secret is so cute and flirty. Victoria's Secret also has tons of yummy scents and gifts, check them out here

Hanky Panky's are the best underwear to wear just everyday, treat yourself to a new pair for Valentine's Day!

This lingerie set is so feminine, subtle and comfortable looking!

Here are six fun little Valentine's Day gifts for under $50-

Get some 'Kiss Me' lips by Philosophy for $20

GapBody always has some kind of cute Valentine's Day pajamas. Here's a pair of heart-printed bottoms

MAC makeup has soo many bright shades of lipstick...perfect for Valentine's Day for $14

Michael Buble is perfect for any time of him and his cd!

10,000 Ways to Say I Love You book for $12

Pablo Neruda is my favorite love poet...this book has all of his poems in Spanish and then translated to English. They are so beautiful and such a small romantic gift to get for someone you love, so romantic
What to get for your signifigant other?

ALWAYS get a card! It's the smallest thing to get but it really lets a person know you cared enough to pick out something special to say, especially if it has a note in it (big or small, doesn't matter!). Another small gift to give is a frame of you and your loved one, something they can bring to work or put on their night table, they'll be reminded of your love all the time!
If you do like to buy a little something for your Valentine (though I always think it's the man's job to do the gift-giving...woops!) I found a few things...

An 'All About Us' book is cute...maybe just a little cheesy, but it IS Valentine's Day!

I think Burberry boxers are a nice gift to give any guy, they'll appreciate the designer underwear!

Everyone enjoys going to the movies. Get your sweetie a gift certificate to go, it includes free popcorn and drinks. You could even use it on Valentine's Day!

Hopefully this gave you some helpful ideas for your Valentine's Day shopping/creations! XO

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